Aluminum Plate
Aluminium Plate – Aluminium plate is a sheet form aluminium which is remarkably versatile material in part due to the wide variety of surface finishes it can be given from painting to anodizing, texturing and polishing. Size range from 4ft x 8ft with thickness from 0.40mm – 152mm.
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4' x 8'
(1219mm x 2438mm)
Thickness (mm)
0.4mm 2mm 15mm 100mm
0.5mm 2.5mm 16mm 102mm
0.6mm 2.7mm 20mm 115mm
0.7mm 3mm 25mm 127mm
0.8mm 4mm 30mm 152mm
0.9mm 4.5mm 35mm  
1mm 5mm 40mm
1.2mm 6mm 45mm
1.4mm 8mm 50mm
1.5mm 9mm 65mm
1.6mm 10mm 75mm
1.8mm 12mm 90mm

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