Hard Drawn Wires
Hard-drawn wire is the most basic and affordable steel wire available. The term “hard-drawn” simple means the steel has been drawn though the die to the desired diameter with no additional processing or tempering. Hard drawn wire is most commonly used in shelving, automobile parts, and shopping carts.
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Hard Drawn Wire:-
Common Wire 1.5mm ~ 10.0mm (Plain) / 4.0mm ~ 12.0mm (Ribbed)
Standard Packaging  250kgs, 300kgs, 500kgs, 1000kgs, 2000kgs
Standard Coil Size H=350mm ~ 1000mm x d=600mm ~ 1000mm
(H x d)
Coil Internal Core 400mm ~ 1000mm

Cold Reduced Mild Steel Wire for the Reinforcement of Concrete:-
Specification Grade Chemical Composition Test Requirements
        Min. Yield Strength Min. Tensile Strength Min Elongation Bend Test
C.E. C P S
% % % % (N/mm2) (N/mm2) (%)
MS 144:2006 G485 Max Max Max Max 485 510 12 Rebend (5d)= 1st bend 45o
0.42 0.25 0.06 0.06 Rebend 23o

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